Who am I?

Ever since my early childhood I was fascinated with games and fantasy stories. In my youth I began writing short stories for myself. With the increasing computerisation in schools and at home an affinity towards software emerged, which ushered me towards software engineering and finally game design and programming.

As for nationality I am from Germany and live in Berlin, Germany's capital. Even though I speak German, English and even a little bit French, I prefer to write this blog in English as an exercise. So please bear with me if I make mistakes in syntax or vocabulary.


My work spanned from creating simple web sites in HTML, programming in Java, C++, C# to designing games and user interfaces for some programs. During my education at the Games Academy in Berlin I worked on various student projects. I also extended some sample programs from class.


Aside from computer games and reading I write short stories and like to design fictional worlds. One of these worlds serves as backdrop for one of my longer stories. Another one of my long-time hobbies is tabletop role playing games or pen & paper role playing, which resulted in an own role playing system and some fictional worlds.

Social Media

My social media contacts are:
Twitter: @Apolyon6k
Facebook: Nils Jordan
Twitch: apolyon6k
LinkedIn: Nils Jordan
On Google+ and YouTube, you can use the About Me link on the sidebar.